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Free Storage

Our smart storage area has been designed to optimize SKU storage based on product size, quantity, and the turnover rate for proper traceability and visibility what helps us keep so low prices.


Pick & pack

We offer our customers the possibility of using customized packaging to protect products during transit and give something different to the consumer that can win your customer loyalty.


API Integration

Ecomfulfillment offers you an online system that integrates to all e-commerce platforms to give you the best control over your inventory, order status, and payments collected in real-time.

Returns Management

Returns Management

Our returns management process follows system-driven procedures that are established based on your guidelines and standards, ensuring a simple and easy process for your customers.



Specialized and dedicated full service for imports from China.

  • Searching suppliers in China.
  • Negotiation of prices with manufacturers.
  • Exhaustive quality control of all products.
  • Customs clearance and shipping from China.

Our catalogue

In our catalogue you can find all the products that we put at your disposal.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information!




24/48H Delivery

We work with the best national and international transport companies to guarantee our customers the maximum speed of delivery.


Call Center

Our team is at your disposal to confirm and follow-up orders in case of possible incidents and to guarantee a high delivery rate.


Cash On Delivery

We offer our customers the option to sell by cash on delivery, to give your customers greater security and more payment methods.


Periodic Transfers

We collect your cash on delivery payments and send them periodically to your country.


Increase average order value

We offer our customers an exclusive and optional service to increase the average order value through our call centre team.

  • Volume discounts: This technique consists of enticing shoppers to spend more by offering them a discount when they try to buy two or more items at a time.
  • Upsell: This technique consists of offering the customer a product similar to the one your client intends to buy but more expensive.
  • Cross-sell: Show the customer, during the confirmation process, other products complementary to the product they are buying.
  • Top sell products: Give more visibility to the most popular or most recommended products in the customer's catalogue.

Tracking number.

All our shipments are tracked to be able to trace packages from its issuance to its delivery.

24/48H shipping

Gain visibility and improve performance

Accessibility at any time, any place

Minimize delays, improve customer experience


How we work?


Control your orders, stock and collected payments.

We offer our customers an exclusive and optional service to increase the average order value through our call centre team.

  • Connect Shopify / WooCommerce store to the App
  • All orders confirmed by the call centre
  • Tracking numbers of each order
  • Detailed invoice for collected payments

Day 1


First Step

Connect your store to our App in a few clicks and export your catalogue.

Day 2 - 3


Ship Inventory

Generate your shipping label and follow our simple step-by-step instructions to ship your items to our warehouse.

Day 3 - 5


Activate Account

We register you with the appropriate delivery company depending on the weight of your products and the relevant country.

Day 5 - 7


Start Selling

Once we receive your inventory, we will synchronize it with our App so that orders start flowing automatically.





Delivery rate




Daily deliveries


Our rates are very attractive and comprehensive, with no hidden charges or fine print.

Free storage
Free private management APP
Guaranteed delivery 24/48H Working days 24/48H Working days 3 to 5 Working days
Unlimited number of orders
Tracking number for each order
Private account manager
Pre-paid orders
Cash on delivery service
Returns management
Phone confirmation and tracking Optional Optional Optional
Up sell / Cross sell Optional Optional Optional
Money collection and recurring transfers
24/7 support

Frequently Asked Questions


How to contract your services?

Once our contract is signed, we provide you with the address of our warehouse to send us your stock to store and manage your orders.

Do you have a customized packaging service?

Yes, we offer our customers the option of customized packaging to boost your sales and offer something different to the consumer.

Do you accept cash on delivery?

Of course, we do! We collect your cash on delivery payments in Spain and Portugal and send it to you periodically according to your guidelines.

How and when will I receive my money?

We send your money once a week to your personal or corporate bank account, anywhere in the world.

How does the call centre service work?

This service is optional and has an additional supplement, our call centre team will contact your customers to confirm addresses and track orders until delivery.

How to connect my store to the Ecomfulfillment App?

It is very simple, once you have installed the App / Pluging that we will provide, you will be asked to register in your personal Ecomfulfillment account, click on connect my store, and you can import your product catalogue and manage your orders automatically.

Contact us at

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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